About me

I offer a range of different types of photography (industrial, landscape, product) but it’s photographing people that really appeals. 

I am a people person at heart with a friendly, outgoing nature. 

I am good at working with people who feel uncomfortable in front of a camera or who might be unsure of what to do.  I’ll put you at ease and give you helpful direction so you can relax, follow my lead and end up with some great pictures.    

I am professional both in my approach to work and in the equipment I use; the aim being always to create some great images — photographs that will evoke many happy memories and give you years of pleasure. 

I enjoy travel and the opportunity of meeting people from other cultures – I’ll talk to anyone!  So if you need a photographer for any foreign assignments please do get in touch. 

And I have a quirky sense of humour — a glimpse of which may be gleaned from this site.

Leeds, West Yorkshire


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